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This card is a product of The West African Examinations Council (WAEC). It is used to verify WAEC Results and correct date of birth on NYSC portal. Each card can only be used 3 times for one candidate.

Delivery Format: Instant display, Track Transaction and instant email notification

Nature of Product: Pin only

The Pin is used for confirming the Authenticity of WAEC Results, correction of date of birth and other bio-data on NYSC website.

Website to Use the Card: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/

  • ₦3,100
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Net Total 3100.00 (Please use Interswitch for any amount above ₦2400)
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How to Buy WAEC Verification Pin Online

  1. Click on the image of Waec Verification Pin to to begin.
  2. Choose the quantity of Pins to buy from one to fifty.
  3. Enter your personal details like name, email and phone number.
  4. Select your preferred payment method either paystack or Monnify. Note that you can pay with your ATM Card or Bank Transfer using Paystack or Monnify.
  5. Complete your payment as quick as possible.
  6. Receive your pin instantly after a successful payment. Note that you can also buy waec result verification card through whatsapp on 08037409999.

Buy WAEC Verification Pin Online

If you are in need of date of birth correction for your nysc registration, please click on Waec Verification Pin on our website to buy. Our website is designed in such a way that it can be used to purchase waec verification pin without passing through stress. The steps you need to pass through to buy waec verification pin on our website is not much, only 2 or 3 clicks, your pin will be delivered to you instantly.

Corps members who are in need of correcting their date of birth to enable them enroll for NYSC scheme can now purchase their Waec Verification Pin from triplegltd.com.

Buying waec verification pin online is now made easy when you purchase it from our website. We deliver genuine and authentic waec verification pin at a very affordable price.

Our customer service department are always on hand to help you should in case you encounter any challenge in the course of generating the Pin. It is worthy of note that our Pin delivery system is instant and automatic. And that we have a self-service system called Track Transaction to help you track your transaction and retrieve purchased Pins. You can also buy through WhatsApp by chatting us on 08037409999.

So whatever payment method you prefer, you don’t need to worry of any difficulty in buying waec verification pin on your phone, which allows you to enjoy the convenience of buying valid pins online with fast online delivery. We make sure that the Pins are always available at all times, we also give huge discounts for cafes, re-sellers and agents who buy in bulk.

What is the WAEC Verification Pin?

Verification of WAEC PIN is a unique identification electronic PIN that is required to verify any WAEC Result Online or make date of birth correction on NYSC portal. If you intend to make some amendments on your name or date of birth on the NYSC, waec verification pin is what you need.

  1. Visit the result verification page
  2. Fill in the required information on the home page
  3. Click Submit

When Will Waec Verification Pin 2022 be Out?

Waec Verification Pin are always available on our website www.triplegltd.com. Although the use Waec Verification Pin is seasonal, it is only on demand during nysc registration period. The period for NYSC registration varies from batch to batch. In NYSC we have batch A, batch B and batch C. Batch A registration usually starts during the beginning of the year, batch B registration usually take place during the middle of the year and batch C registration usually take place towards the end of the year. All the batches also have stream one and stream two. Always check your call up later to know the batch and stream you belong.

What is the Difference Between WAEC Verification PIN & WAEC Scratch Card?

On the one hand, using Waec Verification PIN shows the candidate’s full record, including Name, Date of Birth, Passport Photograph, Subject and their Grades, centre Name, and other important information. Waec Verification system is somewhat similar to the information captured on your Waec certificate

On the other hand, WAEC Scratch Cards/Result Checker shows fewer candidate’s information, such as Name, School Name, Subject and their Grades.

How Much Is WAEC Verification Pin?

WAEC Verification Pin for NYSC costs N2,000 on our website triplegltd.com. You can buy the verification Pin online through our website and the Pin will instantly be delivered to you without any difficulties. Alternatively, you can also purchase waec verification Pin through WhatsApp by chatting us on 08037409999.

How to Use Waec Verification Pin

  • Visit the NYSC portal https://portal.nysc.org.ng/
  • Login with your Username and Password.
  • Click on resume
  • To change NYSC date of birth
  • On the NYSC Profile Dashboard, click on the green button Change D.O.B (WAEC)
  • Type in your Verification Pin
  • Select Your Exam Type (WASSCE for School Candidate or for a private candidate)
  • Select Your exam Year;
  • Type in Your Exam Number;
  • Tick on Place Request.
  • Click on Update Date of Birth, a message will be displayed showing that the request has been submitted for approval.
  • Click on the red button close, and wait for approval by NYSC.

Where to Buy WAEC Verification Pin Online?

Are you looking for a genuine website to purchase waec verification nysc from? Triplegltd.com is a genuine and trusted website to buy waec verification pin from. The Pin will be generated instantly after a successful payment. You can make payment using your ATM card or online transfer to buy verification pin. Some also place order using WhatsApp and a bank account number is sent to them, after payment we send the waec verification Pin.

Does WAEC Verification Pin expire?

No! All genuine waec Verification pin does not expire. In fact, the Verification cards can be kept in your custody for a very long period of time. But it is always better to buy the Waec Verification Pin anytime you want to use the pin for an NYSC candidate.

Why you Need to Buy WAEC Verification Pin from Triplegltd.com

At Tripleg we sell valid and genuine waec verification Pin at an affordable price that cannot be gotten from anywhere else. With the power of Triplegltd.com online store, we provide a better and convenient way of buying waec verification online, you are sure of getting real value for your money whenever you purchase pins from us.


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