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Buy WAEC Scratch Card Online

Buy WAEC Scratch Card Online: WAEC Scratch Card also known as WAEC Result Checker is a product of The West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

It is used to access WAEC Results. Each card can only be used 5 times for one candidate. With the help of Triple G talented group of staff buying this card online is safe and secure.
One of the primary advantages of purchasing WAEC Scratch Cards online is the accessibility and convenience it offers. Students no longer need to spend time traveling to physical vendors, standing in long queues, or dealing with limited availability. Instead, they can conveniently buy these cards from the comfort of their own homes, using their smartphones, tablets, or computers.


  1. Visit triplegltd.com
  2. Click on the image of WAEC Result Checker.
  3. Select the Payment Method you prefer.
  4. We added 2 or 3 payment gateways so that you can make your choice. Only Paystack has N100 processing fee if the total amount is N2500 and above. To avoid this charge while paying such amounts, please use either Flutterwave.
  5. Both Flutterwave and Paystack have various options that you can use to complete your payment. You can use your ATM Card which is more preferable and faster.
  6. Other options include Bank Transfer, USSD, and many more.
  7. You can check the status of your Transaction by clicking on VERIFY PAYMENT
  8. Enter date of Payment and your email as shown and click on Search.
buy waec result checker online


  1. Visit www.waecdirect.org

  2. Identify the PIN and Serial NO

  3. Fill in the required information on the home page

  4. Click Submit

  1. Visit www.waecdirect.org.
  2. Identify the PIN and Serial NO

  3. Fill in the required information on the home page

  4. Click Submit

WAEC, stands for West African Examinations Council, is a senior school examination board for the West African countries. This exam body was established in 1952, and since then it has contributed a great deal towards education in the member countries within western Africa. Many years after its establishment, this African regional examination council has embraced the use of latest technological inventions in her examination services. The western Africa countries that are members of WAEC include Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, Nigeria, and Ghana.

WAEC Scratch Card - Triple G Limited

The WAEC Scratch Card is a paper painted card with a scratch surface on the other side that conceals the WAEC e-Pin and Serial number. This PIN and Serial Number is needed to access the WAECDIRECT service. A WAEC scratch card is an electronic card which contains unique PIN and S/No. All candidates that sat any of the WAEC senior secondary examinations need this scratch card to display their results. With the scratch card details, one is able to access the WAEC direct online portal. So, in summary, you need to have WAEC scratch card if you wish to access your examination results.

WAEC Scratch Card - Triple G Limited

The reviewed price for WAEC Scratch Card on triplegltd.com is N3,000 which is the cheapest you can get online. There are many appealing reasons why most people prefer using Triple G Limited to purchase WAEC Scratch Card; our website is easy, fast to use.

WAEC Result Checker Pin simply means Electronic Personal Identification Number called WAEC E-Pin. It is a unique 10 or 12-digit number that is required to check any WAEC result. The WAEC Result Checker PIN enables direct access to a candidate's results via online and USSD channels. This PIN is found on a genuine Waec scratch card and is seen when the cover panel on the reverse side of the card is carefully removed or scratched off.

There are many reasons why Triple G Limited is the best website to buy WAEC Scratch Card from. The price of WAEC Scratch Card on our website is affordable; in fact it is the cheapest you can get online. We have a fast, reliable and easy to use website to buy WAEC Scratch Card. We sell only genuine WAEC Scratch Card; you cannot buy an invalid WAEC Scratch Card from our website. We have a robust customer care service that renders prompt, humane and polite support to our teeming customers. We assure you 100% customer satisfaction when you buy WAEC Scratch Card from our website.

The best and genuine place to buy your WAEC Scratch Card online is on www.triplegltd.com. The WAEC Scratch card details will be instantly displayed on the page after a successful payment. The good news here is that you can buy WAEC Result Checker from the comfort of your home or office using your ATM Card or via bank transfer. You can pay using paystack or flutterwave.

You can check your WAEC Result as many times as possible. However, a scratch card can only be used a maximum of 5 times to check a particular result. This simply means that once this quota is exhausted, you need to purchase a new WAEC Scratch card in order to access your result online again for another round of 5 times.

The answer to this question is no Each WAEC Scratch card can only be tied to one exam number. Once a scratch card has been used to access a candidate’s result, it cannot be used for another candidate. We always advice our customers to ensure that they use their scratch card to check their result before sending it to a third party since the card can be used up to 5 times. This will ensure that your WAEC Scratch card will not be used for another candidate.

Only MTN, Glo and Airtel subscribers can actually check their WAEC results using SMS method.

Type WAEC*Examinationnumber*PIN*Examyear through your phone (there should not be a space in between). Send to 32327.You will receive a message instantly containing your WAEC statement of result.

Once you have purchased your WAEC scratch card from our website, then you can proceed to WAECDIRECT website to check your result. WWW.WAECDIRECT.ORG is the WAEC official website for checking the result of all years of WAEC exam.

WAEC DIRECT Result Checker is a combination of PIN and Serial used to check WAEC Result. Once you make a successful payment on our website using either paystack or flutterwave, the PIN will be displayed instantly and a copy of the PIN will be sent to your registered email address. The WAEC Result Checker can then be copied out or printed out. Please ensure you keep the PIN and Serial Number in a safe place because once it is copied, it can be used by anybody.

The WAEC Scratch Card is programmed to be used for a limited number of times. The maximum usage for WAEC Scratch card for a particular candidate is 5 times. This simply means that a candidate can only use a scratch card to check his result up to a maximum quota of 5 times. Once this number is exhausted, the candidate must purchase another new WAEC Scratch Card to be able to access his or her result again.

WAEC Scratch Card can be purchase from any branch of zenith bank near you. But the question is why stress yourself going to the bank to buy the card when you can conveniently buy the PIN from the comfort of your home or office instantly from our website.

The Pin Vending portal for WAEC Scratch Card is www.triplegltd.com. When you register on our website, it gives you the opportunity for you to have an ewallet which you can fund and use it later to purchase all types of exam scratch card including WAEC Scratch Card. Triple G limited is a trusted pin vending portal registered with all Nigerian examination bodies and with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. Vending WAEC Scratch Card from Triple G Limited is an experience that you will never regret.

WAEC conducts three O’Level examinations in a year. These examinations include Senior Secondary Certificate Examination popularly known as May/June examination, General Certificate Examination First and Second Series popularly known as WAEC Nov/Dec Examinations First and Second Series exams. The General Certificate Exam First Series is also known as January/February while the General Certificate Exam Second Series is also called November/December Examination. It is important to note that the result of these examinations can be accessed using WAEC Scratch Card which can be purchased from our website.

The answer to this question is capital no. Each WAEC exam requires a different WAEC Scratch Card to check the result. For example, if you have 2 sittings of WAEC examination with exam number 4322761651 and 5271872621, it means that you need 2 different WAEC Scratch Cards to check the 2 results. You cannot use the same scratch card to check.

No! The WAEC result checkers that are brought from Triple G Limited website does not expire. In fact, the card can be used for up to a maximum of 5 times by the same candidate. But please remember you cannot check your examination result for different years using the same WAEC scratch card. So endeavor to purchase your WAEC Scratch Card from Triple G Limited because we are trusted and reliable brand.

We have various payment methods that you can use to purchase WAEC Scratch Cards Online from Triple G Limited. You can use your ATM Card which may be Visa Card, Master Card, Verve Card by entering the details directly on Paystack or Flutterwave page. Please note that Triple G Limited does not store your card details on our website, they are only entered on the page of the payment gateways mentioned above. Alternatively, you can as well use Transfer method to transfer the exact amount to the account number stated on the website. Some of our website users also prefer USSD as another option of making payments in order to buy WAEC Scratch online.

Different people have different names for WAEC Scratch Card. It is observed that some people call it WAEC Result Checker, while some call it WAEC e-Pin Voucher. Whichever way you choose to address it, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that it contains a 10 or 12 digits unique numbers and serial number that will be valid when entered on WAEC website.

WAEC Scratch Card can be purchased online from Triple G Limited website. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open www.triplegltd.com
  • Click on the image of WAEC Scratch Card
  • Enter the number of PINs you need
  • Enter your personal details such as Name and Phone Number
  • Preview your order details
  • Make an online payment and wait for your PIN to be displayed

WAEC Scratch PIN is a combination of numbers from 0 to 1 having either 10 or 12 digits. The Serial Number is an alphanumeric number with 12 digits, example WRN123456789. Then a WAEC Scratch Card is a combination of the PIN and the Serial Number, these two details are required in order to check a WAEC Result.

After you have successfully purchased the WAEC Scratch Card from triplegltd.com, you will then need to go to the WAEC official website known as WAECDIRECT to use the card.

  • Enter your 10 digits Examination Number
  • Enter the 4 digits exam year
  • Select the examination type
  • Enter the 10 or 12 digits WAEC Scratch Card Pin
  • Enter the Serial Number of your WAEC Scratch Card
  • Submit
WAEC Result checker pin - triple G limited

WAEC Examination Number contains a 7-digit center number followed by your 3-digit candidate number. For example, if your center number is 4321275 and your candidate number is 003, then the examination number becomes 4321275003, so it’s a combination of the two, which you can be used to check your WAEC Result. It is important to note that WAEC exam number is reusable annually. This simply means that candidate A with exam number 4321275003 in 2022 will become candidate B in 2023. It implies that if you enter the wrong exam year together with your correct exam number on the WAECDIRECR Portal, then you will see another candidate’s result.

The best website to buy WAEC Scratch Remita is on triplegltd.com, because we have all it takes to deliver the card to you electronically without passing through any hitches. We recommend you purchase your WAEC Result Checker from us because we deliver instant genuine PINs after a successful payment. Our customer service representatives are always on standby to give you maximum support in case you encounter any issues in the process. It is heart-warming to know that payments can be made online using your ATM Card or transfer via flutterwave or paystack. The WAEC Scratch Card will be instantly displayed to you and a copy will be forwarded to your email address.