Buy WAEC GCE Registration PIN Online

Buy WAEC GCE Registration PIN Online

WAEC GCE Registration card is a product of The West African Examinations Council (WAEC). It is used to register candidates for WAEC Private Examination. The West African Examination Council (WAEC) conducts two series of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination for Private Candidates annually. The WASSCE for Private Candidates-First Series is done in Jan/Feb, while the Second Series is done in Oct/Nov. The WAEC GCE registration PIN is used to enroll candidates for this private examination. The WAEC GCE Registration PIN is used to enroll candidates for these exams.

How to Buy WAEC GCE Card Online

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  1. You must create account for the candidates using the WAEC APPLICATION.

  2. Then visit http://registration.waecdirect.org/ to complete the registration process.

  3. Fill in the required information

  4. Click Submit

  1. You must create account for the candidates using the WAEC APPLICATION.

  2. Then visit http://registration.waecdirect.org/ to complete the registration process.

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The answer is yes! WAEC GCE e-registration Pin can only be use once per candidate for a particular WAEC GCE exam. For example, the e-pin used for WAEC GCE January/February cannot be used for WASSCE GCE November/December registration exam. Please remember that the WAEC Gce Registration Process must be completed before the end of WAEC GCE closing date, and if the WAEC Registration Pin is unused, It expires after the close of registration. It can never be used again! Please do not wait until the deadline for registration is near before making your enrollment to avoid rush and the associated inconveniences

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The WAEC GCE Photocard is also called as Examination Slip. WAEC Photocard is an identification card that is required to gain entrance into the WAEC Gce Examination hall. It has various details of the Candidate such as the center name and examination number. WAEC GCE Photocard is generated on successful completion and submission of your WAEC Gce online application. The WAEC Gce Photo Card is document that must be presented at the WACE Gce Exam Centre because the Examiner will use it to confirm the identity of the candidate before allowing him or her access to the examination hall. This is a way of checkmating exam malpractice in the form of impersonation.

The first step in registering a candidate for November/December or January/February examination is by enrolling their fingerprints and capturing other important personal details using the Biometric Data Capture software to create login details. The username and password so created can be used to login into your online application to edit some data before the application is submitted. Once the application is submitted, you can only use the username and password to reprint your exam slip.

In order to buy WAEC Registration PIN for both November December and January Februay , Click on Waec Gce Image. In the course of the online registration, you are required to select the state and town you wish to write the examination. The exact examination center will be automatically assigned to you by the system immediately after the final submission. Please note that you cannot change your examination town after submission, so ensure you take your time and make a choice that you would suit your circumstance.

WAEC GCE now has two diets. One is called First Series also known as January/February examination. The registration for this examination usually starts around November December of the prior year and the exam holds around January and February. The second diet is called Second Series, and it’s called November/December examination. The registration for this exam usually starts around August while the exam starts around September and November.

  • Download the registration app from https://registration.waecdirect.org/.
  • Enroll the fingerprints and capture other personal details.
  • Ensure you take note of your username and password
  • You are required to take a picture with a webcam with a minimum Camera Specification* 2.0MP 720p USB 2.0 Color.
  • You are required to supply your contact information which includes telephone, email, residential address, residential city, residential state, postal address, city and state.
  • You are required to select the state and town you wish to write the examination. The exact centre will be automatically assigned to you by the system.
  • Select a maximum of 9 subjects and a minimum of 7 subjects. English Language and Mathematics have been automatically selected for you because they are compulsory.
WAEC GCE Registration Pin - Triple G Limited

Both exams are accepted in Nigerian higher institutions, but the difference is that WAEC is a West African examination and its accepted by almost all institutions around the world, while NECO is a Nigerian national examination body. Although NECO is accepted by some international institutions but some may not recognize it.




















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