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WAEC GCE Registration card is a product of The West African Examinations Council (WAEC). It is used to register candidates for WAEC Private Examination.

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How To Get Waec Gce Registration Pin Online

The first step in registering a candidate for November/December examination is by enrolling their fingerprints and capturing other important personal details using the Biometric Data Capture software to create a username and password. The username and password so created can be used to login into your online application to modify some information if you have not submitted your application. Once the application is submitted, you can only use the username and password to reprint your photocard.

WAEC GCE Agent Registration

You don’t need any special registration before you can register candidates for WAEC GCE examination. All you need to do is to download the software from WAEC Website and Buy the Registration PIN from our website The WAEC Biometric Fingerprint Registration software is a suite of applications required for candidates to successfully enrol their fingerprints for the Nov/Dec WASSCE registration exercise.
The application comprises of:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 (if not already installed on your system)
  • Crossmatch UareU RTE
  • WAEC Biometric Client

Depending on your hardware architecture, you will need to download either the x86 or x64 versions of the RTE.

Visit WAEC Biometric Fingerprint Registration Software Download page to know more.

  1. You must create account for the candidates using the WAEC APPLICATION.
  2. Then visit to complete the registration process.

How Much is Waec Gce Registration Pin

The price of Waec Gce Registration Pin is N18,500 if you buy on WhattsApp. If you buy online using your ATM Card, it will incure additional charges.

Is Waec Gce Form Out?

The form for waec gce is usually out around August of every year for the first series. The second series is usually out around December/January of every year.

How to Register Waec Gce Online?

Download the registration app from During the registration, you are required to supply your contact information which includes telephone number, email address, residential address, your residential city, your residential state, postal address, city and state. Note that Telephone number is compulsory since it would be used to contact the candidate should the need arise, so ensure you enter a correct and reachable phone number.

Buy Waec November December Registration Pin First Series

Click on Waec Gce Image to buy the Registration for Nov/Dec Registration, first series. In the course of the online registration, you are required to select the state and town you wish to write the examination. The exact examination centre will be automatically assigned to you by the system immediately after the final submission. Please note that you cannot change your examination town after submission, so ensure you take your time and make a choice that you would not change.

Buy Waec January February Second Series Registration Pin

Click on the same image of Waec Registration Pin to buy the second series of the examination.

Waec Gce First Series Registration Pin

The registration Pin for Waec November December First Series can be purchased here on

Waec Gce 2022 Second Series

We will notify all our registered and unregistered customers about the opening and closing dates of waec gce sale of forms and the registration.

Waec Gce and May/June, Which one is Better?

The essence of WAEC GCE is to encourage candidates who had left secondary schools but didn’t make their results in internal exams to retake the exam. Hence, they hope with these external (private) exams, they can rewrite and pass their papers or make up for the deficiencies they had in the internal ones.

Hence, if you'd had completed your SSCE internal but wish to make up for deficiencies within the GCE exams, it should be easier for you. One, you have gotten some experience from the internal exam, two you must have realized why you failed the school exam in the first place. Now, you can prove your new knowledge.

Internal candidates do real practicals (in-laboratory) in their schools during the exams. Exams bodies like WAEC and NECO usually send specimens to the schools for them to have ideas of the areas where questions will be set for candidates.

For GCE, candidates are not provided with any specimens to prepare. Instead, candidates should be aware that they will be tested with the alternatives to practicals (on-papers). The alternatives to practicals test the practical knowledge of candidates but no real hand on table practicals involved. They can be asked to identify and fill parts of drawn objects, machines, animals, etc instead of taking part in a practical science session.

As a result of not having the foreknowledge of what to expect in the practicals, GCE may be tougher for the candidates, unlike the internal candidates who had been prepared with a set of specimens.

WAEC GCE and NECO GCE, Which One is Better?

Both WAEC GCE and NECO GCE are also called private waec and private neco. The two exams are usually conducted after the may/June and June/July diet of waec and neco respectively. These exams are meant for candidates who have completed their Secondary School program but are still interested in writing the examination. Both exams are accepted in Nigerian higher institutions, but the difference is that WAEC is a West African examination and its accepted by almost all institutions around the world, while NECO is a national examination. Although its accepted by some international institutions while some may not recognize it.

Timetable for Waec Gce 2022 Second Series

You can click here to download the timetable for waec gce second series 2022 once its available.

When is WAEC GCE Starting

WAEC GCE now have two diets. One is called First Series also known as January/February examination. The registration for this examination usually starts around November December of the prior year and the exam holds around January and February. The second diet is called Second Series also known as November/December examination. The registration for this exam usually starts around August while the exam starts around September and November.

Timetable for Waec Gce 2022 First Series

You can click here to download the timetable for waec gce firstseries 2022 once its available.

WAEC GCE Closing Date

There are no fixed dates for the close of registration for both First Series and Second Series examinations, WAEC decides when the registration will finally close each year, and this date is usually communicated to us. The closing date for the registration of WAEC Private is usually displayed on this WAEC Portal.


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