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NABTEB Scratch card is a product of National Business and technical Examinations Board (NABTEB). It is used to access NABTEB Results. Each card can only be used 5 times for one candidate.

Delivery Format: Instant display, Track Transaction and instant email notification

Nature of Product: Token Pin

Use of Pin:

  1. NECO Result for SSCE Internal June/July
  2. NECO Result for SSCE External November/December

Website to Use the Card after Purchase:

  • AMOUNT: ₦1,100
  • (Availability -> YES)

Net Total 1100.00 (Please use Monnify for any amount above ₦2400
If Paystack did not send OTP, please use Monnify or Vice Versa)
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Nabteb Result for 2021 Nabteb SSCE is Out

We are pleased to inform you that the result for NABTEB 2021 SSCE Exam has been released. We have made adequate arrangements for you to buy neco scratch card online to check your Neco Result. Buy cheap and affordable Neco Result Token Pin from at the rate of N900 only, no extra or hidden charges involved. You can purchase neco scratch card at the cheapest price from our website.

Where can I buy Nabteb Result Checker Scratch Card Online

Are you looking for a genuine platform or website where you can buy Nabteb Result Checker? We are happy that found us on google or social media or through a friend. We deliver Nabteb scratch cards nationwide through our website. Nabteb scratch cards can be purchased online from our platform and the Nabteb Pin will be sent to you instantly and automatically, you will see it displayed on your phone screen or computer screen, no extra charges involved. The total amount for Nabteb scratch card is now ₦900. There are various reasons why people choose as the best platform to purchase Nabteb Result scratch card from. We provide instant pin delivery mechanism, you can make your payment online without stress using your ATM card or Transfer on Paystack and Monnify platform connected to our site. You can always reproduce the purchased Nabteb Pin by using our Track Transaction facility and a copy of the neco result pin will also be forwarded to the email address you supplied during the purchase. Our customer care lines are always ready to provide a world class customer care.

How to Buy NABTEB Scratch Cards Online

  1. Step by step Process on how to Purchase nabteb result checker scratch card
  2. On our home page, click on the image of Nabteb Result Checker
  3. Select the quantity of cards you want to buy between one to fifty.
  4. Enter your name, email and phone number.
  5. Select either Paystack or Monnify as a payment option. Note that you can pay with your ATM Card or Bank Transfer using Paystack or Monnify.
  6. Ensure you complete your payment.
  7. Receive your nabteb pin instantly after a successful payment. Note that you can also buy nabteb scratch card through whatsapp on 08037409999.
  8. You can either print the pin details or write it down, a copy of the pin information will be forwarded to your email address.

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Type of Examination
  3. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year e.g. 2002
  4. Enter the Card Serial Number
  5. Enter the 12-digit PIN of your card eg. 012345678912
  6. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up

Please Note: This Token can be used for 5 times for one Exam Number ONLY. Goodluck!

How to Check NABTEB Result Online

  1. Buy your NABTEB scratch card or NABTEB Result Checker on
  2. Visit website by clicking here.
  3. Enter the Examination Number of the NABTEB candidate.
  4. Enter the nabteb exam type; nabteb may/June or nabteb november/december.
  5. Enter the year of exam.
  6. Enter the Serial Number of the Nabteb Scratch Card that you bought.
  7. Enter the Pin.
  8. Click on Submit button.
  9. Print the result.

Buy NABTEB Result Checker Online

Gone are the days when people travel some kilometers in order to purchase Nabteb scratch to enable them check their result. Please be well informed that nabteb result checker can be obtained from The website always have nabteb pin for checking result in stock, so you don’t need to worry if the nabteb scratch card will be out of stock.

Buy NABTEB Pin to Check Result

Having gotten your nabteb scratch card from us, you need to visit to check and print your nabteb result. We always advice buyers to always tie their exam number to the scratch card purchased. Once you buy your Nabteb Result Checker, kindly use the card to access your result first before forwarding it to a third party such as schools or organizations. Nabteb result checker can be used up to 5 times, so don’t worry, this will safeguard your card from being used by another person.

Purchase Nabteb Scratch Online

The steps involved to generate Nabteb scratch card from our online platform is not more than 3 steps before the card is produced. Payments for nabteb scratch card can be made online using just your ATM card or online transfer on Paystack and Monnify. You can also enjoy the privilege of buying nabteb result checker through WhatsApp by contacting 08037409999.

How to Retrieve my Nabteb scratch card pin

Please always take note of the Transaction I.D while making payments on our website. The transaction I.D can be used to check when you apply it on Track Transaction. Track Transaction is also used to reprint or recover nabteb result pin already purchased. You can also contact us via our email on and through WhatsApp on 08037409999.

How to Use Nabteb Scratch Card

Nabteb result checker scratch card can be used to check both the May/June examination and the November December Examination results. Please note that this scratch card can only be used up to a maximum number of 5 times and a card can only be used for one candidate’s result. On, you can buy valid and genuine nabteb result e-pin to access the result of any of your nabteb examinations. The pin details will be issued or displayed immediately you complete a payment on our website. The nabteb scratch card details will also sent to the email address you provided during the purchase.

How Much Is Nabteb Scratch Card?

The price of Nabteb Scratch Card also known as Nabteb Result Checker or Nabteb Result Pin is N900 on We also give further discounts to those who buy in bulk like cafés, schools and organizations. If you want to buy in bulk from 10 and above and get discounts, kindly contact us through WhatsApp on 08037409999.

Where to buy Nabteb Result Checker Online?

Are you looking for a genuine website to buy Nabteb Result Checker from? You can buy your nabteb result checker online with your phone or computer on our website Our website is designed with visitors in mind, in such a way that anyone even those that are not computer savvy will be able to make use of it to buy Nabteb scratch card. Don’t forget that our customer care is just a step away should in case you need any further assistance.

Where to Buy Nabteb Scratch Card in Lagos?

Are you living in lagos and wants to buy nabteb result checker? If your answer is yes, then this information is for you. As an agent to NABTEB, our online store makes it possible to reach people anywhere they can be found around the world. Lagos being our head office gives us an advantage to communicate with people all over Nigeria and beyond. It doesn’t matter where you are connecting from, whether you are from the North, South, East or West coast of the country, you have our service and support.

Nabteb Result Checker to Check nabteb Nov/Dec

Nabteb result checker can be used to check nabteb November December examination. Ensure you select the appropriate exam type while entering your details on the web page of nabteb e-world website. Besides having your results displayed to you on a webpage on the NABTEB e-World website, you may also have your results delivered to an e-mail address of your choice by selecting the appropriate options on the NABTEB e-World homepage. But sometimes it fails, so just ignore the email session.

How to Check 2022 NABTEB Result?

When you buy NABTEB Result Checker on our website, you are buying the PIN and Serial number. Then visit, enter your exam number, month, year and the PIN and Serial Number you purchased from our website. The result will be displayed and you will be able to print your result.

Can I check my Nabteb result without a scratch card?

Many candidates ask this question from year to year. But the answer is simple. You cannot check your nabteb result without a scratch card. You need a nabteb Pin and a serial number to be able to access your result online. You need to enter those details alongside with other details such as examination number, month and year. Both the nabteb e-world website and the sms method of checking nabteb result, all require nabteb pin and serial number. So do not waste your time looking for how or where to check nabteb result without a scratch card because such avenue does not exist.

Does Nabteb Scratch Card expire?

No! All valid nabteb scratch cards do not expire. Thus, you need to be very careful as there are many fake websites out there looking for people to cheat. They are ready to collect your money and produce invalid scratch card that you will not be useful in checking Nabteb result. We advise our prospective loyal customers to buy genuine and valid nabteb result scratch cards from our website

Is Nabteb 2022 May/June Result Out?

No, the Result for Nabteb May/June 2022 is not yet out. We will notify you when it is out.

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